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Analog Curtain IR Curtain

Reference : DG466

Analog Curtain IR Curtain
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Analog Curtain IR Curtain
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Presentation PARADOXE DG466:

PIR infrared passive paradox DG466 in digital signal processing, ceiling mount, vertical directional detection - identifies the direction of travel, two high sensitivity sensors, double beam 4.8 m angle of 90 degrees, automatic temperature compensation; Metal shielding - special protection of RFI and EMI interference, both sensors are designed to detect identified movements - from input to output or vice versa - adjustable timing recovery - digital motion detection (Paradox patent) processing Auto-pulse signal type (Paradox patent) digital signal analysis software Shield - Sensitivity adjustment, Single or Dual Edge signal processing (Paradox patent) Safety switch; SMD technology - for surface mounting, 2 electronic relay outputs - one for input and one for output.



Infrared Passive Motion Detector - PIR - with digital ceiling signal processing
Vertical directional detection - identify direction of travel
High sensitivity dual sensor
4.8 m radius,
Angle of 90 degrees
Automatic temperature compensation
Metal shielding - special protection RFI and EMI interference from
Two sensors are designed to allow the identification of the direction of movement - from input to output or vice versa
Adjustable timer recovery - where you can get-go without generating an alarm
Digital Motion Detection System (Paradox patent)
Self-pulse treatment signal type (Paradox patent)
Digital Signal Algorithm Analysis Software Shield - Adjustable Sensitivity
Signal processing Single or Dual Edge Edge (Paradox patent)
Safety switch
SMD Technology - Surface Mount
2 electronic relay outputs - one for input and one output for
Accessories: PIR passive paradox DG466 user

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Détecteur IR rideau analogique Paradox

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