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» » » Couple BNC / BNC surge protectors for CCTV video

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Couple BNC / BNC surge protectors for CCTV video

Reference : SP005BNC/BNC

Couple BNC / BNC surge protectors for CCTV video
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Couple BNC / BNC surge protectors for CCTV video


Brief Instruction:
We designed this kind of Surge Protector in accordance with IEC and national standards, due to system signal’s low-amplitude, high frequency of transmission, weak anti-interference ability and vulnerable to over-voltage damage.
Scope of application:
MT-SP005BNC is suitable to protect video signal of CCTV surveillance, and it also applies to cable television, public television, and security monitoring systems as well as video-on-demand systems and coaxial communication apparatus.
Mechanical Specification:
Technical Parameters:
Model: MT-SP005BNC
Function:  Video signal surge protection 
Response Time:10ns
Normal discharge current: 5KA
Maximum Discharge current: 10KA
Rated load current: 300 mA
Rated Load voltage (DC): 5V
Action voltage: 6.5V
Limiting voltage DC: 90V
Maximum transmission rate: 0--1GHz
Insertion Loss: Less than 0.2dB
Return Loss (75 ohms): 16dB
Connector: BNC
Dimensions: 43mm(W)×25mm(H)×25mm(D)
Weight: 60g
Installation and Maintenance:  
1 This product should connect the corresponding position of protective equipment in series. 
2 The section of the grounding line should be more than 4 mm and be as short as possible.
3 These surge protectors needn’t any maintenance. It only needs inspecting and recording the work situation of them after the lightning and thunderstorms.


Video: The circuitry connects with the input terminal of the surge protector (IN) and the output terminal (OUT) connects with the protective equipment. And the both terminals must not be reversed.
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Couple de parasurtenseurs BNC/BNC pour vidéo CCTV

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