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01.Infrared barrier 30m outdoor TAKEX PULNIX PB30TK
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» Infrared barrier 30m outdoor TAKEX PULNIX PB30TK

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Infrared barrier 30m outdoor TAKEX PULNIX PB30TK

Reference : PB30TK

Infrared barrier 30m outdoor TAKEX PULNIX PB30TK
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Infrared dual beam barrier - range: int. 60 meters and ext. 30 meters - Operating temperature: -30 ° C / + 60 ° C - Dimensions: 175 x 75 x 75 mm - Power consumption 54 mA - Power supply from 10.5 V to 28 VDC.


TAKEX PB30TK Barrier - Wired barrier dual infrared beams 30 meters

The series of barriersTAKEX is recognized as one of the best quality and reliability standards in the field of active infrared barrier intrusion detection. The unique dual synchronized beam system working together further enhances reach and stability in even harsh weather conditions. Their particularity comes from the ability to select different transmission frequencies that allow the stacking of barriers to create a wall of detection. The transceiver assembly has a rotatable optical system for easier installation and optimized beam alignment.
High reliability

Dual synchronized beams reduce nuisance alarms caused by birds, small animals, or falling leaves. The maximum arrival distance of the beams is ten times greater than the planned protection distance, thus ensuring the barriers a reliable operation, despite difficult weather conditions.
Protection to outdoor lights

Protection against fluctuating illuminations up to 50,000 lux, is provided by a compensation circuit, specially designed to eliminate the lights of the visible spectrum. The tolerance against solar lights, fluorescent lights, automotive headlights ... is excellent.
Easy alignment of barriers

A built-in side viewfinder provides fast and efficient alignment.
Swivel optical system

The rotating optical system of the transceivers can be set to a horizontal rotation of 180 ̊, which allows the side sighting and does not necessarily involve the mounting face to face units. The beams can not then be discerned by simple observation.
The Takex PB30TK barrier is compatible with all wired alarm panels.
Technical characteristics

• Detection system: simultaneous cut of both beams

• Light source: LEDs (LED pulsed beams)

• Maximum range: 30 m outside / 60 m inside

• Transmitting power: 300 m

• Power supply: 12V to 30V DC

• Consumption: 60 mA

• Permissible temperature: -25 ° C to + 55 ° C

• Possible installation: Indoor / Outdoor

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Barrière infrarouge 30m extérieur TAKEX PULNIX PB30TK

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