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Multilingual voicemail and voice mail broadcaster

Reference : THE VOICE-EXT

Multilingual voicemail and voice mail broadcaster
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Operating mode
The Voice can work in two ways: Master mode: - In case only one THE VOICE is installed. - If several THE VOICE are used, the programming of the messages and the wiring of the control inputs will be done on the siren in master mode. Slave mode: - In the case where several THE VOICE are installed on the same site
- In slave mode the siren is controlled by the master siren that sends him via its serial link broadcast messages and trigger commands.
- 5 -
Main features: - 1 SIR input with adjustable modulation. - 1 On / Off (1/0) signaling input - 4 parameterizable message inputs (trigger mode, messages and options). - RS-485 communication ports - Location for 12VDC 2Ah lead battery - Display and buttons for input programming. - Master / slave mode allowing up to 32 synchronized sirens to be used on the same site. - External power supply running from 10VDC to 30VDC - Ability to operate without the battery backup. - Microphone for programming personalized alert messages (15 seconds per message). - Prerecorded messages at the factory - Different types of modulations (intrusion, fire ...) - Ability to forward the broadcast of messages by an alarm modulation. - Programmable trigger inputs when a positive or negative signal appears or disappears - Possibility to slave the operation of the message trigger inputs (1 to 4) to the input 1/0. when stopped) - Setting of the number of broadcast of each message from 1 to 8 or continuously until rearming of the corresponding input - Adjusting the sound volume by programming (3 levels possible). - Possibility of blocking the broadcast of a message on a slave. - SICB system allowing the correct charge of the battery for all the range of supply. - High brightness LED flash
THE VOICE has a configuration dipswitch to quickly adjust its main features.

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Diffuseur de messages vocaux et sirène multisons extérieur ALTEC

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