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01.Infrared radio with immunity animals until 18 kg
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» Radio detector (barrier type) PARADOX 868 MHz for facade protection

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Radio detector (barrier type) PARADOX 868 MHz for facade protection

Reference : NVR780

Radio detector (barrier type) PARADOX 868 MHz for facade protection
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NVR780 digital detector extérieureradio double sided
Outer perimeter sensor PARADOX NV780 dual radio beams to protect the facade of a building by detecting the intrusion before domestic burglary.
The NVR780 generates 2 horizontal light grids (1 right and 1 left sensor); it detects intruders and triggers the alarm just before the break. One NVR780 protects a long façade (up to 24 meters).
The NVR780 is a passive infrared detector, very stylish and discreet; its small size allows it to blend into the environment. Designed to detect the infrared radiation emitted by the human body, the NVR780 uses multiple detection principle. Two beam planes (upper and lower) to be simultaneously cut to generate an alarm condition. This reduces false alarms, particularly those caused by temperature changes, the reflection of light and pets under 40 pounds.
Long Range - 24m: NVR780 The technology provides a long detection range (24 meters) and narrow, emanating from both sides of the detector, protecting, for example, the sets from the same facade building.
To optimize the use of external sensor NVR780, the beams of the left and right can be used as a single area or be managed individually.
The NVR780 has the same functions as the NV780 but includes a compatible radio transmitter with power plants and MG6250 MG-IP100 PARADOX.
Main features:
Very stylish and very discreet package.
Shockproof lined with an injected rubber gasket.
Lens protected from UV rays.
Dual Optical Filtering System.
Setting the Multi-level sensitivity.
Patented Digital Motion Detection.
Digital Dual Opposed Detection.
Scope of each double beams: From 3 to 12 meters.
Function pet immunity (under 40 kg).
Wall mounting flat.
Installation height: between 1 and 1.5 m.
Report of the tamper (opening and removal) of the plant.
Power supply: 10 VDC to 15 VDC.
Operating temperature: -35 to 50 ° C.
Dimensions: H 216 x W 89 x D 70 mm.
Paradox >> NVR780 external digital sensor double-sided radio, with 4 double sensors (real Immune to pets weighing less than 40 kg), NVR780
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Détecteur radio (type barrière) PARADOX 868 MHz pour protection façade

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