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01.charging cylinder for FUMIGENE FAST03
» » » Smoke generator URFOG capacity 2x600ml 400m3

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Smoke generator URFOG capacity 2x600ml 400m3

Reference : FAST022CPRO

Smoke generator URFOG capacity 2x600ml 400m3
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It can expel up to 400/600 m3 of fog in 30 seconds (by refill), completely opaque and harmless for humans, animals and leaves no deposit. It makes your property invisible to burglars in seconds. Installed in a shop, it saves you from any robbery or aggression by running away your attacker.

It is equipped with a patented system of 2 bottles of 600 ml each, constituting the best solution to generate fog in repeated firing - when the first is empty, the system automatically switches to the second one.
You can also schedule successive shots at a time and interval that you choose.

A real poker hand with its many assets:

- Very low power consumption thanks to its excellent insulation,
- Patented system to detect an anomaly on the nozzle with sending a jet to eliminate a possible obstruction while reporting the fault to the control panel,
- Possibility of connection to a central alarm,
- Innovation and advanced technology,
- 10 year warranty on the firing mechanism,
- Certification in accordance with European standards.

Technical characteristics :

Maximum visibility 1.5M single shot: up to 600 m3
Single visibility Zero shot: up to 400 m3
Maximum duration of a single shot: 30 seconds
Max fog volume per full bottles: 1500 m3
Number of bottles: 2
Tank capacity: 2 x 600ml
Specificity of the shot: Determined in seconds
Bottle models: A 01 / AH 01
Bottle included: 2
Mounting: horizontal or vertical (optional wall mount)
Battery life: 2 h
Preheating time: about 90 minutes
Serial / USB port for control
Anti-vandal nozzle
Serial bus
Alarm kit: optional
Power supply: 220V or 110V
Backup battery: optional
Input interface for arming and shooting
Wired output
Standard communication protocol
Normé C.E
Certified liquid
Dimensions: 30.5 x 19.0 x 39.0
Weight: 15 kg

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Générateur de fumée URFOG capacité 2x600ml 400m3

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